11:18 AM

My New Tools

I recently traded in gift cards for a new kitchen aid, we had stocked up well over 300$ to Kohls (long story) and planned to use the money to purchase a kitchen aid. After missing the Christmas sales where we could get 20% off and get the kitchen aid we wanted for 299, the price went to 399 and no outstanding sales were present. One afternoon I checked the Kohls site and saw my kitchen aid was again at 299 with a 15% off sale.  I decided to investigate and realized I could get another 15% off and then 10 dollars Kohls cash for every 50 dollars spent AND free shipping. That night I purchased a kitchen aid for about $229. Minus the Kohls cash I got back and I really only spent around 190. Needless to say I've been very proud about the deal I got! :)
The kitchen aid is a 5Q, 325 watt. I thought about getting the bigger size, however, I knew I would be receiving a Bosch as my wedding present from my parents. Both arrived about 3 days apart and I have been in heaven. I feel like a man and his power tools.I know what you're thinking, why do I need both, but I figured if I didn't take my mom up on the bosch now, it may be a LONG time before we have money to get one!

11:01 AM

The Move

After our honeymoon, Greg and I went to my parent's house in Washington to spend Christmas with my family for week.  Afterward, we went back to Utah to get our moving truck and move some furniture we had been storing in Utah.


After a long caravan with Joe and Aubrey (Greg's sister and brother-in-law) from Utah to Rexburg, we made it and began unpacking. There was so much to unpack, obviously the normal stuff I'd been unpacking for years, but first time unpacking of new dishes, silverware, pans, glasses, tv, you name it! We stayed up until 3 am two nights in a row. But we finally got most everything in order! Thanks to Joe and Aubrey for helping us with our move and unpacking!

 Greg's first and probably only priority, the t.v.
 Aubrey directing traffic!

10:45 AM


Things that need to be posted are piling up! I figured since class was cancelled I'd add some pictures and get you all up to date. Greg and I got married on December 17, and then spent two nights in the downtown Salt Lake City Marriott, and then traveled to stay in the Park City Marriott for two more nights.  

 Greg looking out over SLC. We had two large windows, the window below faced south and the picture below that face east towards UofU.

 Greg at Outback Steakhouse.
 We decided to walk around temple square and see all the lights. It was my first time seeing the lights in their fullness! They were beautiful!

2:56 PM

Photo editing break though!

I decided to go ahead and try and edit some of my wedding pictures. For those of you who know me, I'm not a technology person, so this is HUGE!

8:21 PM

Mr. & Mrs. Angus

On December 17, 2011, I got a new last name and this Angus Family came to be. 
I married my best friend for time and all eternity in the Salt Lake City Temple. 
We were so lucky to have many family members and friends who came to share the experience with us. 
Here is a preview of the day we're sure to never forget!