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DIY #3: Burlap Cork Board

After getting married, Greg and I realized we had a lot of "stuff".  Some of these things I didn't really want to "throw away", but they were also things that I couldn't really use. One of these items being a 10x20 frame that I had intended to use for our engagement session, however that never happened. And I don't know if you've every tried to find anything to fit a 10x20 frame, but its not easy.  I also had this large "cork" board from my single college days. It was a cheap WalMart brand and it refused to hang on the wall normally, it was always falling down and making a mess so I stashed it in our storage room and just left it alone.

While visiting Colorado I had an idea that would utilize both of these unusable items and turn them into a cute decoration for our bedroom.  

What I used:
-12"x22" single layer white burlap material (you could use any color, JoAnn's has a good selection)
-10x20 frame (any size would work, just increase amount of burlap material & Cork board)
-Cork board to fill size of frame (my cork board was a lot bigger so I cut it out to be the size I needed)

** One problem I ran into was that my "cork board" wasn't real cork, it was just cardboard with a thin layer of cork material over the top, so I had to cut carefully or it would flake off the edges, which in the end didn't really matter too much.  I also noticed that the cardboard behind the cork was a little thick, so fitting it into the frame was NOT easy, the back of the frame kept popping off, but eventually it stayed. 

So, with all your materials, simply cover the cork board with the layer of burlap and press it down into the frame carefully so you don't snag the burlap.  If the burlap does get pulled the wrong way just use a needle or a pin and pull it back the way it should look.  Once in place, staple the excess burlap to the back of the cork board.  Then insert the back of the frame & decorate.  The cork board makes it easy to hang cute little trinkets, while the burlap added a cute layer and texture.
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DIY #2: Night Stands

My second project tackled were these old night stands that we inherited from Greg parent's- who bought them at a yard sale. They snatched them up for us and we have used them ever since we got married however with their older looking stain and style I wasn't sure how long we would keep them around...

After pinteresting and looking at blogs I found a DIY blog and it showed how this couple totally refinished their dining room table & chairs. I loved it and followed (most) of the steps they did and although I don't know if our results are THAT comparable.. I really like the way the night stands turned out. I wish I could find the blog I got the idea from but I can't seem to find it anywhere- if I find it- I'll post it!

Long story short, your supposed to sand down the wood- which I kind of did, but in hind sight I wish I would have done a better job with an actual sander to get the full effect I was wanted.

Then I painted it with an off-white paint color and let dry.  I then sanded the edges to resemble normal wear and tear. I then put a couple coats wood stain over it to get the brown coloring. This was the trick part and had to be careful. I just put a tiny bit of stain on an old towel and went over the table in long strokes. It was hard because the grain of the wood took the stain in different directions, but also where i had sanded down the paint for wear and tear affect took on the stain like normal wood and accentuated the desired look. Again, it could have turned out a lot better- if I had used the proper sanding method.

Before: Unfortunately, this is the best picture I have of the "before". I took some at the time with my phone, but have since got a new phone and well- not everything transferred. You know how it goes.

Early in-between stages


These night stands have made such a difference in our bedroom. They look like the actually belong and now we might actually keep them and not get rid of them like I thought we probably would. A DIY success.

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DIY #1: Mirrors

The past couple months it seems I've been in house decorating mode. We've been married for 9 months and even though I didn't feel the need to decorate at first (figured we'd be moving in a year- what would it matter?) its been a bug I haven't been able to shake!!  

It all started with a nice day at the park with my sister, & my sister in law and her two boys.  We went in hopes of getting some sun and maybe to cool off(only a little!) in the kid's splash park- however there was yard sale going on in a yard across from the park and so I just had to stop by.  
 I found these old mirrors- both gold, one made from  a heavy metal feeling substance(likely not, probably something cheap) and the other was wooden/cheap covered with this dirty shiny paper.  Thats the best I can describe them. 

Cool Gold Framed Mirror

Paper Framed Mirror (after painted)

I knew my walls at home were pretty bare and pathetic and for only four dollars each I thought "sure, what the heck".  Long story, but my sister Brianna ended up buying my mirrors and donating them to the Angus household(props given where props are deserved).  I brought them home, and was soo proud, but I kept thinking of ideas for the paper covered mirror.. but I needed more than one for the wall arrangement I wanted . I decided to go back to the yard sale and bought two more just like it. 
Mirror Count: 4  Money Spent: 16$

I decided to leave the cool heavy gold mirror alone. I like it. 
The others I wanted to put in my room so I took the frames off the mirror and spray painted them with paint from WalMart, they call it "Nickel". I'm not going to say that Greg doubted me when I told him my idea of hanging all three mirrors side-by-side above our bed, but Greg totally doubted me. But, as a supportive, loving husband he helped me hang them.  Because we don't have an awesome head board or anything really- this was a fun addition and something to sort of take up space.  Prior to the mirrors the wall had been so bare and I was excited to finally have something to match the bed spread(which looks pretty frumpy in pictures below, haha). But as I've said, this project triggered them all.

The room with the mirrors added

Overall I was super thrilled with the finished product.  I had never really done anything like this and gained a lot of confidence in my ability & vision through this project, but believe me- I was still so aware of how cold and unwelcoming our apartment/bedroom looked. Don't judge by the pictures! :)

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Seven weeks of summer

Because we went to school at BYUI during the spring semester (april/may/june/july), it feels like we really didn't get much of a summer to relax and enjoy ourselves, and now its practically over! But even though our summer was quite short, I think we packed a lot of fun into our seven weeks of summer!

School got out around July 20th and I went home to WA to help get things ready for my sister's wedding.  Greg went home to Colorado to try and get some work in before he needed to come to Washington for the wedding, which means we were apart for 2.5 weeks, which I don't recommend! During that time I ended up getting a last minute seven NIGHT job for cherry harvest and made some good quick cash.  The wedding rolled around and everything was beautiful & we are so happy for the newlyweds, Brianna & Briar Carlisle. They will actually be living on the other side of our building in Rexburg, so that will be fun to have Brianna & Briar AND Joe & Aubrey so close! 

After the wedding we hung out on the farm for literally about a week and although things might have seemed slow to some people (Greg), I had a really great time hanging out with siblings, in-laws, and the neice &nephews. Many hours were spent by the pool! On the 10th we went to our family cabin in Priest Lake, ID where we water tubed, biked, canoed, badmitten, and played this silly ball throwing game, but needless to say we had a lot of fun. Our family has grown so much, its crazy how we fill up that cabin with not a lot of room to spare!

On the 16th we flew out to Colorado where we have been ever since. Greg has been working at Walgreen's here and there while I remain at home to do whatever I please. I've been doing A LOT of apartment decorating planning in my head and finding things to spend gift card money on. Mostly just finding super cheap bargain deals at Michael's. haha.  I've been doing some crafts too with some burlap material I bought for a project and although I didn't really plan on it, there was A LOT of extra burlap material so I made 2 toss pillow cases, and an ANGUS banner to hang in our house. MOST things turned out pretty well, just don't look at them too closely. haha.  What i found super funny was that although i was here in CO, and Aubrey was in Utah, we were both crafting it up without the other knowing. Passing the time I guess. :)
After being here for about two and a half weeks our time is about to come to a close and we will be returning to Rexburg.  I'm excited to go home, to my own bed, but I'm not excited for school and homework.  Last semester nearly took it all out of me BUT WE graduate in December so it'll all be worth it. Greg will graduate with a Bachelors in Healthcare Administration with a minor in communications and I will graduate with a Bachelors in Exercise Physiology and a minor in medical assisting.  We will get back to Rexburg on the 7th of September, and then will head to Utah for a day trip on the 8th so that Greg can meet with two men for Internship and letters of recommendation for Grad school.
Well thats about it for now-
<3 Greg & Jess