2:46 PM

Two month old Sofia

Today Sofia turns two months old. 8 weeks and 5 days to be exact, however, it has come to my attention that Sofia is getting to the age where its time I start telling her age in months, not weeks. I can't be that mom telling people my baby is 20 weeks old. And yes it is sad. Just one more thing I can't get back. We are loving her new stages of development but can you blame me for wanting my sweet baby to stay small forever?


 The picture of the left is 1 month old, the picture on the right is 2 months old.  She looks pretty much the same (thank goodness) but if you look closely you can tell she is starting to thicken up and is getting some fat on those legs and arms.

In the last two weeks Sofia has become super playful and gives me many smiles a day. I have had some long conversations with her where we can carry on for about 8 or 9 exchanges. I love talking to her and hearing her sweet voice with each coo. She talks our ears off and we don't mind. I wish I knew what she was saying.  She also is getting pretty good at playing with her little floor mat/piano.  She kicks her feet like crazy and keeps herself entertained quite well which is fun and a relief for me to see. I feel like I have been trying to keep a balance between holding Sofia and cuddling her but also giving her time to sit alone and have quiet time. I don't want her to think she needs to be held all the time.

She really is such a good baby though. I can't hardly think of anything she doesn't like- besides waiting for her food and when she is woken up early from her naps she is a little cranky, but most all babies are.  I feel like she came out of the womb being a pretty good sleeper and an excellent eater so we have been very blessed.  She basically just hangs out with me all day, loving life and milkin me for all I'm worth. Literally. Ha!

This year was our first time getting to celebrate Easter on our own. I have never done baskets because we were always on vacation so it was fun to be able to take on that role this year. Of course Sofia even got her own basket- not that she can use or eat half of it but it was all fun anyways. :)

Sofia in the same dress I wore for my first Easter 24 years ago.

Sofia's first Easter Basket- Don't worry, Greg ate allll the peeps.

I also was finally able to find a rug for Sofia's Nursery. I love it. And to top it off I found it at Ross for $11. Makes you love it even more, doesn't it? Actually, this reminds me that I never posted any pictures of the nursery all finished. I will have to take some with Sofia in it.

Sofia loves her pacifier and unfortunately the poor girl is always accidently popping it out of her mouth. During tummy time we practice holding it in her mouth. 

And now finally some cute pictures of my baby girl. 

She loves watching T.V.