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Sofia's Summer

Sofia is 3 and a half months old and is a big girl.  On 6/9/14, Sofia weighed 15 lbs 3 ounces which was exactly one month after her two month appointment where she weighed 12 lbs 10 ounces. She still eats like a champ and I am so grateful. The only time she cries is when she is hungry and thats an easy fix, however when she can't see me she does like to fake cry. Sweet girl just wants her mama!
 She is so social and loves to talk and make friends. Lately shes been talking to strangers in the check out line at WalMart and everyone just loves her. She loooves seeing herself in the mirror and her reactions are so funny. I have been wanting to record her seeing herself and should probably do that sooner than later. Sofia lately has been waking up around anywhere from 3am-5am to nurse which is so abnormal for her. Before she would sleep from 10:30-6am no problem so this extra feeding has been throwing off my groove. I don't know how some moms handle their baby not sleeping longer than 4 hours. Sofia also has been putting her fists in her mouth like crazy. She loves loves loves her pacifier, but when that pops out and is irretrievable, her fist and/or a mouth full of blanket works fine. Having her wear dresses or anything with a skirt of ruffle has been diffifult because she always just pulls it up and puts it in her mouth leaving her soaked.  She also has been so difficult to put her fists through sleeves because while her fist is in the middle of her sleeve she does everything within her power to put her fist in her mouth. I try really hard to be quick! She also has been so alert. Wide eyed and bushy tailed. I love it. 

Having a little babe and running errands and traveling is a bit intimidating. However, I finally feel as though I have the car seat/diaper bag/nursing on the go thing down. Before I would always carry a bottle, but nowadays there is no need. Just get that girl her food every four hours...or else...

Currently Greg is doing a summer residency at University of Pittsburgh Medical Center-Altoona, PA and because he has the weekends off with no homework or anything we have been taking advantage of the free time. So far we have visited Philadelphia, Washington DC, and Gettysburg. Sofia has been such a trooper and just hangs out in her stroller taking naps and being such a happy babe. I love getting to see the sites and cities that we have seen in countless movies, pretty fun! BUT I also love seeing all the history! In Philadelphia we got to see some really old buildings like Independence Hall, the Liberty Bell, the oldest indoor farmers market with some amazing food. In Washington state where I am from you don't come across things that are very old all that often.  So living here on the east coast and getting to see things that were around in the 1700's.. pretty amazing!! I think one of my favorite things I saw (second to the Lincoln Memorial, of course!!) was in the National history smithsonian they have a display of formal dresses that the First Ladies have worn and I loved seeing those dresses. Greg didn't even look at that exhibit.  He missed out! Anyway, here are some pictures of us over the last month. 

Boalsburg, PA
Memorial Day

Philadelphia, PA

University of Pennsylvania


Washington D.C.

Washington Monument