9:47 PM

Birthday Festivities 3.13.2012

This birthday sort of sneaked up on me and then was over all too quick!  However, its a good thing I celebrate my birthday week, or sometimes, month. :) Yes, I turned the big 22, BUT I am please to say there were NO tears this year, which is an improvement from years past! I woke up to the front door opening and no Greg by my side! He had gone on an early morning doughnut run and had brought me some of my personal favorites!  They were so fresh and yummy.

Then I had to go to Chemistry(Yes I skipped the rest of my classes & work hehe) and I came home to find the Kitchen full of little surprises ranging from Candy to fancy root beer (weakness), flowers and a sweet card.  Here's a little bit of our dialogue upon my return.

Jess: "Oh how sweet, (blah blah blah, insert talking here)."
Jess: "Greg did you do this on purpose?" (Holding up the birthday card for Greg to see)
Greg: "Did i do what on purpose...?"
Jess: "uhh, this is the exact same birthday card you got me two years ago..."
Greg: "What..? and You still remember?"
Jess: "YUP!"
Then I went to my special folder and pulled out the identical birthday card. Haha. LOVE IT. I thought it was so funny, but I guess it's as true then as it is now, "When I first met you, I found love. Happy birthday!"
Turns out there a slight color change, which might have made him not recognize it.

 After the card incident we went and bought some Pizza (weakness) and then studied and did homework for a couple of hours before we went to Olive Garden for dinner.
We ordered the Lemon Cream Cake and took it home with us to celebrate. 
Phil, Brianna and Briar came over and sang to me. I think that was the first time I'd been sang to in quite a while, so thanks guys! They also spoiled me with some new finger polish, earrings and pretty much a years supply of big easter reeses peanut butter cups shaped like eggs. Briar ate half of them.

ONE OF THE BEST PARTS of my birthday was when WE ORDERED OUR HUNGER GAMES MOVIE TICKETS! We will be sitting with Phil and Holly and Brianna and Briar. I'm so happy, i just hope it's a job well done and doesn't make me hate the book like the twilight movies did.
Anyways, birthday is over, but thanks to the movie ticket gift, it will be drawn out for another 9 days or so. YES!