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When Sofia turned 4 months old I told myself "oh, she's still so small, when she turns 8 or 9 months then you can worry.  That's when she's going to be considered "big" and my baby will be gone!" Well now Sofia is 8 months old and its killing me!

She is such a fun smart little girl who is constantly surprising me with her discoveries and know how.  Its amazing how she can go from one day not knowing how to do something and I swear the next day she has mastered it.
Sofia really doesn't care all that much for toys, she mostly interested in the simple everyday things around her. We've started to be able to play games with her where we will growl at her, and she laughs and tries to quickly crawl away from the parent chasing her (usually me) and seeks refuged on the couch with Greg. She's smart. She knows daddy will save her!  Her favorite toy is a clothes hanger and that can keep her entertained for a long time. Sometimes when I am putting her down for a nap and she's not wanting to sleep, I will throw a baby hanger in the crib for her to play with until she falls asleep. She has also started to want to pull her blanket or even a clean burp cloth up over her face as she falls asleep. It's pretty adorable.  Nap time however has been really difficult lately. She just stands there crying for a long time. and if I'm not watching the clock she will try and skip one of her naps altogether. However I need my mommy time so I try and make sure she gets it! When she does fall asleep her bottom is usually up in the air and it just makes me laugh.  She now goes to sleep anywhere from 8:00-8:30pm and will sleep straight to 6:30am, I feed her, and then she will go down until 8:30am.  Clockwork! And I can't remember if I mentioned this in my last blog post but her plugged tear duct finally opened up last month. It is so nice to to have to clean out her eye 10 times a day.
Sofia has finally learned to drink from her sippy cup and that makes me feel so much relief. I was stressed out there for a while because although I knew she could get a little bit from her sippy cup, I knew that most of her fluids were only coming from me. So I'm glad! Nursing is still going great. We have cut back to about 4 feedings a day, however she really gets her fill from her baby foods and love her instant mashed potatoes and gravy. And I can't blame her! We are working with her on trying to feed herself and her fine motor skills and are slowly giving her food from our plates.
Sofia's top two teeth are almost in and its so funny to see them when she smiles. She also is a good stair climber but hasn't figured out how to climb down the stairs. A big problem, especially when she tries to sit mid-climb. Basically nothing is safe anymore and she will use anything to pull herself up into standing position, and sometimes even lets go to stand on her own for maybe a second or two.  The DVD cabinet is where I find her most the time and its exhausting! She has had some big crashes and falls that just break my heart but I think thats just part of being a mom.
Sofia still loves everything she shouldn't. From remotes, to cell phones, ipads, computers, electrical cords, you name it.  i really think that because we don't let her play with these things it makes her want them even more.  She does like to Facetime with family but that may only be because she gets a chance to be close to her forbidden toys.
For halloween this year Greg and I dressed up as Ron and Hermione and I made an our costume for Sofia for her to go as Hedwig, which doesn't make a lot of sense since Hedwig is actually Harry's owl, but oh well. I'm over it.

Christmas shopping with mom.

Sofia's teeth marks.

Popsicle mouth. And that tongue is now a constant companion of ours. 

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