2:30 PM

29 Weeks

I have been wanting to do a post for a while now, however Greg and I are trying to finish his fall semester by sharing my computer until his can be fixed and with finals going on right now you can bet there isn't a whole lot of sharing!
On Sunday baby girl and I reached 29 weeks! I just absolutely can't believe it. It makes me so excited to think that she will be here so soon and then again.. I just want to go into panic mode. 
This Saturday we fly home to WA to spend Christmas with my family and then on Dec. 27, Greg and iIwill fly to Denver to bring in the New Year with his family.
While we are in WA Greg and I will be celebrating our two year anniversary. Its weird because it feels like it hasn't been that long and then I think again and it feels like it's been wayy longer- and in reality it has. We've known each other/dated for nearly four and a half years now.  I'm so grateful he is my husband and that I was crazy enough to wait for him like I did.  I'm so happy I get to spend every day of my life with him. He really is my best friend.  Days like today its all I can do not to wait by the front door for him to get home. Because he treats me like a princess, I already know how he's going to be with our little girl.  He is going to be a great dad and she is one lucky girl to have him.

Speaking of Greg, he celebrated his 26th birthday at the end of November and we got to spend the day together.  We went to the PSu vs Nebraska game and then saw Catching Fire that night. It was a good time.
Happy Birthday!

Greg sporting his new coat the PSU football game.

For Thanksgiving my parents flew to PA and we had a nice quiet holiday together.  While they were here we drove to NYC and got to see some pretty cool sites. It was just a quick trip but after two days of crowds and rain I was ready to head home. We made lots of good memories though and I will always remember my first trip to the big apple was with them. :)

Greg and I at Liberty Park 

Mom and Dad in Central Park

Photo bombed by my dad at Liberty Park 

Greg overlooking NYC. (Pic taken from New Jersey)

Time Square

Anyways, back to the baby.  She has been kicking a lot lately and its to the point where its getting uncomfortable and almost painful? Hard to think a little baby foot can do that.  She is active most of the day and I like it that way.  I love the little reminders that she is doing okay and that I've got some company.
Again, its been all I can do not to want to start shopping for her. I mean- I have a little bit, but not a lot, which Greg may or may not agree with... And all these little Christmas dresses, I just love them. I can't wait for next year when I can put her in a poofy Christmas dress.
Today I had my Glucola appointment and I don't know what all the fuss is about.  I didn't think it was bad at all! It was an orange soda type of drink, which I don't know if that is the same for everyone. But I didn't mind it. Cough Syrup, GI cocktail and Milk of Magnesia is worse. Hands down.
Baby girl is doing well. Heart rate of 142 which has been her normal heart rate pretty much the whole pregnancy. I find out the results from my blood work sometime later today. Now for the Baby bump!


Week 29

How far along? 29 Weeks 3 days

Total weight gain: 19 lbs (I gained 10 lbs in 5 weeks, ha)

Maternity clothes? Full time maternity clothes.Stretch marks? Nope.Sleep: I sleep pretty well. I have been waking up every night to go to the bathroom though, sometimes more than once.  My back hasn't been hurting me as bad as it was around week 24-26 which is nice. I have noticed that when I wake up my arms are tired and I think its how I position them under my pillow because I can't roll onto my back as I usually would..maybe?

Best moment this week: Greg was in his office studying and I came in to talk for a minute and he touched my belly and realized he could feel the baby and got all excited and wanted me to feel what he was feeling. I thought it was cute. I told him to keep his hand there because I feel her all the time. 

Miss Anything? I miss things like lunch meat, not feeling guilty when I sneak a little bit of cookie or bread dough while baking- which results in me spitting it out, don't worry. I miss being small and feeling cute.   

Movement: She has been pretty wild the last week. She has upped her game.  Its starting to be really uncomfortable and I can watch her to her thing through my belly and it just starts popping out all over the place.

Food cravings: For a while there I was really craving Pop. Diet pepsi especially and Root Beer. Thats one of the more real cravings I have had. Everything else has been mild. 

Anything making you queasy or sick: Nothing has been making me sick or queasy. I have gotten over my issue with maple syrup and have been enjoying it once again.  

Gender: Baby Girl                              

 Labor SignsNone yet, however I did have some cramping on my right side during week 27-28. That wasn't fun. Just muscles stretching I think.

Symptoms: Slight cramping, I have been shedding a lot of hair.

 Belly Button in or out? Out. It feels really weird like there is a lot of fluid behind it.  

Looking forward to: Christmas in WA & New Years in CO, and then my next appointment is on January 10. During Christmas I am excited to see my nephew and niece who just had their first birthdays. I can't believe how much they have grown.