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Sofia's 4 month appointment

Sofia is four and a half months old. Say what?? Yeah. 4.5 months. I can't believe it either. I tell her to slow down but she doesn't listen. At her appointment on 7/9/14 she weighed 15 lbs 13.3 ounces (*mommy reminder* she had just blown out a diaper and was also ready to eat again) and was 26.5 inches. So for weight she was in the 77th percentile and length was the 98th percentile. Last visits she was 12.10 lbs and was 24 inches which are the 75th and 94th percentiles. She's growing like a weed! I had been a little worried though about her weight gain so I was relieved to see her move up a couple percentiles and was happy the doctor was happy with her progress.  She also got her booster shots and I noticed her legs were a little sore the day after. Poor thing.

Sofia is mobile, heaven help me. She likes to roll, she can roll both ways but prefers to roll back to belly where she plays until she is tired and screams for me to come help her. I think she forgets she knows how to roll. The other night she rolled from back to belly and had so much momentum she nearly flipped her feet over her head. It was hilarious. She lately has also been playing in her Johnny jump up and her bear chair walker with wheels. She isn't quite sitting up on her own but I am excited for when she can. It will make taking pictures of her a whole lot easier. She has had a couple few second stretches where she can sit on her own. Makes me proud!

She's always been really happy but she is a tough crowd, it's hard to make her laugh. However, Greg got her laughing on Sunday and it was pretty funny. She's got a goofy little laugh.  Sofia has gotten way better at keeping her pacifier in her mouth which is such a relief. She has been doing great. The only problem we have is that she can pull her pacifier out and can't put it back in....

Sofia is back to sleeping completely through the night which is such a relief.  There was like a two week stretch there where I felt like I was waking up anywhere from 2:30-4:30 am. It was awful.  Now we are back to our 10:30pm-7am, eat and then sleep til 10am routine which I am loving. I hope she can keep this up. Especially for when we travel home at the end of this month.  Fingers crossed!

Sofia is in the last of her 6 month clothes and fits into her 9 month clothes as well which just blows me away. Her biggest problem is how tall she is. I am going to need to get some twelve month Pjs to have on hand for when her 9 mo ones aren't working, which could be soon.

Sofia really is such a fun girl to have around. She keeps me busy but we share many tender moments as well. I love nursing her and seeing her sweet chubby legs and arms. They are so soft I just melt.  And those eyes. I love when she looks me straight in the eye or cranks her neck when someone else is holding her so that she can keep an eye on her mama. Makes it all worth it.  I love her so much.  And even though babies are so much work, every moment of every day my world revolves around her and her needs but its amazing how maternal insticts kick in and what would have seemed like such a sacrifice before, I don't even think twice about doing now. Grateful for those mommy instincts.

Today I am so overwhelmingly grateful for the blessing of having her in our home and that we are a forever family. I am so grateful that Greg and I were sealed for time and all eternity in a Temple of the Lord.  I can't bear the thought of losing either of them and its comforting to know we have forever. I love them both so much.  Its easy to get caught up in the crazy parts of life but between diaper changes and all the feedings I have been thinking lately about how the the most important things are our families and loved ones.  I am so blessed to be able to stay at home all day every day with Sofia. We are lucky to have a husband/dad who comes home to us every evening after working hard all day long so that he can provide for us, and loves us even though we may have made a mess of the house. Honestly, I hit the jackpot.

Now here are some pictures of Sofia we snapped over the last month or so

June 8, 2014

LOVE her face on the right. Such a stinker.
June 3,2014

June 20, 2014

June 22
Watching USA play in FIFA World Cup

Swimming at the Jefferies Pool on June 27, 2014. Sofia's first dip!

Happy Four Months, Sofia! 07/01/14

4th of July!


I love this one... and her hat.

She loves her Johnny Jump up! And forgive my laundry in the background.

Gram came and visited PA. What a fun 2 days!

Sitting up like a big girl. 7/18/14

Hill Cumorah Pageant 7/18/14