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Sofia- 6 Weeks old

Because Sofia is now officially 6 weeks old, I decided it was time for a blog update and it was all I could do to find some time to jot down a few thoughts.

Sofia is now 6 weeks old. Holy smokes. Where did the time go? I can’t believe how big she is getting.  I mean, I can, because she’s ALWAYS eating, but its crazy to see how fast time really does fly. You just can’t prepare yourself for it.  I always make sure I kiss her cheeks a couple times too many, smell her head every chance I get and you know I’m squeezing those chubby legs and bum cheeks. She is just too cute. Sometimes I wish she could just stay this size forever, and then I remember how hard it was to get her to sleep the night before and that thought goes out the window!

Sofia overall has been a very good baby. When we came home from the hospital we had two nights where she slept for abut 4 hour increments and then on the third night she slept for 6 ½ hours and we have been enjoying at least 6 straight hours of sleep ever since. We even got 8 hours and a couple 7 ½ hour stretches thrown in there. Although if I didn’t go to sleep until one or two in the morning, I would be pretty tired too.  Little stinker. I think that’s one of the only things we struggle with is getting her to go to bed for the night when WE want to go to bed.  I’m working on it.  For a while there I thought I might have a colicky baby on my hands but after a few drops of baby gas medicine she snaps out of it, but knowing her its probably only because she likes the taste of them.  So overall she’s doing pretty good.  As her pediatrician and the hospital nurses pointed out, she’s got some attitude and can be a D-I-V-A. If she doesn’t get her food right when she wants it or if that pacifier falls out of her mouth you better watch out, but as soon as she gets what she wants she is nice again. She’s also been fake crying and making loud noises to get our attention, which is just adorable and we end up just laughing at her. Poor thing.  Which reminds me, Sofia has started talking.  Nothing you can actually understand of course, but she likes to coo and respond to us if we catch her in the right mood.  Love.

Sofia now weighs 12 lbs 3 ounces and is officially in 3-month clothes. At 3 weeks I had to move her to 3-month pajama sleepers but she was still wearing her newborn outfits and maybe a 3-month outfit here and there.  She is now mostly wearing 3-month clothing all the time and has even become too tall for some of the 3-month jumpsuit outfits. She wore size 6 mo long john pajamas last night and they fit perfectly. Her legs are so long.  Right now she will eat about 6 ounces in one sitting if she is really hungry. Which is a lot of the time.

Sofia's Loves …
- Dinnertime. She’s a big girl. Need I say more? She’s also a really loud eater and makes little pig snarfing noises as she chugs.  Something I will miss for sure.
-Riding in her car seat. which is a relief for me.  She will usually sleep through grocery shopping and errand running which makes my life so much easier.
 -Bath time. She just sits there enjoying the warm water.  She is just like her mama. 
-Her swing and sometimes that is the only way we can get her to sleep. Don’t judge us! I usually try to relocate her to her own bed though.
-Sleeping on Mom and Dad’s bed when Dad leaves for school.
-Her gas drops. They must be tasty!
-Vibrating chair (also useful in helping her sleep)
-Her hair bows. YES GRANDPA DAVE, if you’re reading this, SHE LOVES HER HAIR BOWS!

As for me, life as mom has been going really well for the most part.  I don’t get as much sleep as I use to but I think I am getting more sleep than some moms out there so I am grateful for the sleep I do get.  My incision is healing nicely and today at the doctor’s office I got the okay to resume any activities I once did before I was pregnant, so Sofia and I went for a jog when we got home since the weather here has been so nice. 

About two weeks ago Greg's mom, Marrlin came out and stayed with us for a week.  It was so fun to have her here and for her to meet Sofia. She was a lot of help and we were grateful to have a personal chef and full time baby sitter! Now if only her Grandpas would come and visit...

Sooo interesting story.  I weighed 167 before I delivered Sofia (44 lb weight gain) but because of my blood transfusion and being pumped with fluids it took about a week for the water weight to fall off.  After being discharged from the Hospital, I needed to go back into my doctors office the next day where I weighed 153 which meant I lost 14 lbs from Sofia's delivery.  The next day I weighed in at home and I weighed 144, meaning I lost another 9 lbs. Totaling 23 lbs lost so far and then two days later I kid you not I weighed in again because it was obvious that I was looking like my old self and I weighed 133. 11 lbs in two days! Which means I had 20 lbs of water weight hanging out in my fingers legs and feet. No wonder I was so swollen. Haha. After I weighed the first time after the 9 lbs drop my mom and I were shocked. How amazing. After the 11 lb drop we just laughed and laughed. How lucky for me.  Right now I am about 4 lbs from where I started.

 I love having my little Sofie girl to keep me company while dad is gone. She keeps me entertained and busy. Thats for sure. I love dressing her up in all her little outfits and getting her ready for the day, although she gets tired of my tugging and pulling on her arms I am sure. She brings so much fun and excitement into our home and we love her so much. She’s a good girl. 

So tired!

I loved these NB pajamas on her.  2 weeks old.

3 weeks old

3 weeks

4 weeks

1 month old

The saddest face you'll ever see. This lip pucker breaks our heats.  We give in EVERY time.

5 weeks old
Grandma MarrLin (Angus)

5 Weeks old

6 weeks old

First time to church

Sprawling out on a hot humid afternoon.