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36 Weeks

So, I have been dying to do a blog update since about two days after posted my last update. So many fun things going on! I love sharing what I have been up to. And btw if these updates are too much and a little too annoying.. Then easy solution... don't read it. haha

Most recently, my friends here in PA threw me a baby shower.  I am soooo grateful for them and all the work they put into my "High Tea Party" themed shower. It was beautiful.  I am a pretty simple person when it comes to parties.  I don't have a lot of the decorating gift in me and was blown away by their work.  Here are just a few pictures that barely do justice for all there hard work and planning. It was lovely. Whitney, Sarah, Katie and everyone else- Thank you!

So our baby girl's bedroom has always been intended to be her nursery since we moved in, however, we have had many various different pieces of furniture in there and it hasn't always looked the part. It's latest occupant was a queen sized bed that took up basically the whole room and because many of our guests prefer to sleep on the twin and trundle we have in our other guest room, we figured why not sell our queen bed. So, one craigslist post and some $$ later I had my nursery back and it was ready to be put together! 

Now by all means the nursery is far from complete. I actually just barely ordered our crib and it should be arriving in the next week. (eeeek!) I'm pretty excited.  I have been receiving many packages in the mail and every time I do it's all I can do not to take a million pictures to document everything. A lot of the things I take pictures of I don't know why it would matter whether or not I had documentation but I am having a lot of fun and thats all that really matters. Right?

Now before I share the fun stories about great deals I got on baby things with online sales I have to brag about a recent purchase I made from Craigslist.  I am not a patient shopper. When I find something and I want it I usually have to get it right then because the anxiety of waiting and coming back and it not being there. Sometimes I am happy when I look back and am glad I walked away but thats usually because Greg has talked sense into me.  But when I saw this deal on Craigslist I had to act and I am SO GLAD I did. I have been wanting to get baby girl a swing, but to get the really nice Graco ones you need to be committed to spend $130+ or occasionally a good one goes on sale for around $100.  But still, that is a big purchase, and I hadn't really talked to Greg about that kind of purchase for baby. He knew about the travel system and crib but another big purchase I thought might put him over the edge- especially with my recent clothes shopping behavior.  So my MOM (major props) mentioned I check craigslist and lo and behold I found this wonderful little swing that had only been used with one baby for a span of four months.  The lady said she paid $165 for it at Target.  So I go check it out and the thing is perfect. And she only wants $40.00 for it. SOLD.
The next day I was at Target and this little beauty was still on DISPLAY for 165.00. I got so lucky.  Baby girl is going to love it. Love it. Love it. Love it.

So after I shopped Craigslist I finally made some purchases that I had been contemplating  and strategizing for a while. I finally picked and ordered a diaper bag.  I decided on a bag by Timi and Leslie, "Dawn" and think that I am going to love it! I like the quality, appearance and all the extras that came with it. 

I also purchased our car seat and jogger combo from Kohls (we also bought a video baby moniter for a pretty good deal but thats not very exciting so I didn't post pictures).  I waited for a sale where I could get 30% off with a Kohls Charge Card and made my move. When they arrived I couldn't help but put everything together. I am such a nerd but I just looove getting things ready. 

Teddy ready to go! (I'm so lame)
I also just made a big old purchase from Target to get the remainder of things we need/want.  I will post pictures in my next post.  I love online shopping. UPS guy I am sure HATES me loving online shopping. Sorry not sorry. 

Sooo there has been something I have been struggling with lately.  I didn't even think about this until a few weeks ago and once I realized it was something I needed to decide on and move on, it kind of took over my life and my time.  Newborn Photography.  Nowadays a super popular thing. A must? No. Want? HECK YES. Expensive? You know it. I really haven't noticed much price difference in a lot of things since moving to PA. Milk is more expensive, but most things not too different. Out here just to get an hour photo shoot and then to order pictures is around 330.00 from a decent photographer.  I hate that.  And then there are people who think because they have a DSLR that they are photographers and they aren't .. exactly.. what you want and still want $$$.  I feel like options in Idaho were way better.  Can't believe I am saying that. haha  So now, because I have a DSLR, I have decided to become a photographer (joking) but no, really, I am going to do her pictures myself.  And I am excited for the challenge.  Does this make me sad? Yeah, kinda of. Buttt I just CAN'T justify spending more on pictures than I did her carseat/jogger/baby monitor put together. Oh and btw all the photo studios in Sears, JCP, and WalMart have been shut down in the area. Ok. Rant over.

Last thing I wanted to talk about was my most recent Dr. appt on Friday 1/24.  I had actually just got done complaining the day before that my appts are so boring. Which is GOOD, I know, but I wish they would do an U/S or tell me how big my baby is. I am dying to know!!  So after my appt my doctor asks that if I want to, and if I have time, they would like to hook me up to the baby monitor and watch baby girls heart rate. Of course I said yes.  So I sat in their comfy arm chair and chowed down on a snack they brought me and pushed this button every time baby girl kicked, which was a lot more than the person on the other side of the divider. I did get competitive and baby girl performed. I was proud.  And then the nurse comes in and looks at her HR print out and explains that they want her HR to go up  15 beats/minute ( or maybe 20? can't remember?) and stay there for 15 seconds, twice and then the doctor would evaluate her print out.  But baby girl only did that once, barely, so eventually they just took my print out to the doctor for evaluation. I wasn't really worried- because Greg's heart rate and my heart rate are rather low, and even though thats not the same thing, I just wasn't worried. 
And then the doctor ordered a "biophysical Ultrasound" to check the baby. Not sure what all this means and I wish I could say that I got to find out how big she is and her positioning and length and everything but I didn't. Believe me I tried.  All they did was track her movements.  They wanted her to do a list of things within 30 minutes and she did them within 5 minutes. At the end the tech was like- "Tell me again why they ordered this?" and I really wasn't sure but it was fun to get to see baby girl doing her thing.  It wasn't a clear picture but she was definitely there. So overall the appointment went well. My belly is measuring 35 cm.  And all in all I just can't wait to meet her in just a few short weeks.  That's right, folks, a few short weeks because I am 36 WEEKS!!! Holy Smokes!

Week 34 Day 5

Week 35 

Week 35 Day 4
Week 36 (Please excuse my coat on the stairs, and my chubby cheeks! :) )

How far along? 36 Weeks
Total weight gain? 30 lbs
Maternity clothes? I have retired many shirts and am living in my spandex pants full time.  I am also getting low on dresses but hopefully only have four sundays left. 
Best moment this week: Getting to see baby girl on the Ultrasound and getting the car seat in mail. It was a relief! Now we can at least be somewhat prepared to take her home.

Miss anything? I miss being able to put on my make up, brush my teeth and cook while standing on our linoleum flooring without having my feet and legs prickle/burn! It's weird, and applying lotion kinda helps but i have to stand on a mat.  I also  miss wearing my wedding ring because I really sincerely feel that people look at me and think, "that poor girl, I hope she finishes high school...".  I miss having the energy I had before Christmas. I was super wife. Now, I'm tired wife begging husband to run upstairs to get my phone charger and asking if its okay if we have breakfast for dinner...... again. 

Movement: She moves a lot still, however things are getting snug in there. I don't feel her doing quite as much as she use to. I guess baby and mama are a little less active lately. 

Food cravings: No cravings, however, we have had fruit loops in the house and I have eaten nearly the whole bag of malt-o-meal brand big bag fruit loops. YUM. I just like them.  I still enjoy a good Diet Pepsi but its not such a need as it was before. 

Anything making you queasy or sick: Nope

Gender: Baby girl!
Symptoms: Swollen fingers, ANKLES AND FEET especially, my flats are getting small. ha. Arthritis in my fingers and ankles. Swelling in my face still.  My back and hips hurt when I sit in my chair too long but I can do a day of shopping or running errands and be on my feet and be fine.  I honestly have been feeling really good. I still sleep through the night occasionally which is pretty good. I am enjoying those nights because I know once baby comes that won't happen!

Belly Button in or out? OUT OUT OUT.

Looking forward to: Getting baby girl's crib and the rest of our target purchases this next week. So excited. I am also excited for my appointment this Friday. Which is most likely a boring appt with the Strep B test, but I am down to weekly appointments which means this is getting REAL and FAST!  


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    1. Thanks girl! I spent way too much time debating on which one would work best for the look and also use that I want! So far I am happy but who knows what a few months use will make me think.. :) Hope your doing well!

  2. Another thing you might want to look up on Craigslist is a bassinet, or putting the crib up in your room. I had to have Arii right next to me for the first 4 months, even with the baby monitor going. But you and your belly are so super cute. Just think, you will have a baby in your house by March 1, even if she is a bit late.

    1. I actually have an Arms Reach co sleeper that will hook up to my bed that we will be using. I should have included that! Next time!
      A lady that I visit teach is letting us borrow it. So thankful!!