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Sofia 6 months Old

If your reading this blog I will assume one of the following...

a) You aren't yet tired of all the Instagram or Facebook pictures I post of my baby and actually enjoy following our little family
b) You stumbled across my blog by accident and are about to be overwhelmed with all things baby OR
c) You are so tired of my posts and poor writing that you can't resist the chance to be annoyed yet again just one. more. time. I totally get it.  

Either way, welcome to my blog. 

Today, I am writing about Sofia and how today is her half birthday. She is 6 months old. So much has happened in the last year and more specifically in the last six months.  I can't believe how fast time as flown and how big Sofia has gotten.  I look at pictures of her and am shocked at how tall and big she is. It makes me so sad sometimes, but really I am just so proud of her.  I love her so much.

Sofia really is such a sweetheart.  I recently have discovered how cuddly she is and just how much she loves her mom and dad.  While sitting on the couch this week she would put her hands around my neck and pull me in tight for hugs where she rested her head on my shoulder or she would pull me in for big wet kisses all over my cheeks, neck, chest and shoulders. She cracks me up. 
Sofia eats every 4-5 hours and we have just started feeding her baby foods and rice cereal.  I chose to just start with peaches and she downed all that I gave her.  When feeding her, I put her in her walker and she would stand up with both hands grasping the tray while leaning across the tray with her mouth wide open begging for more food and to get it to her faster. Such a big personality. Then other times she is so distracted by her dad in the other room she can't face forward long enough to realize food is on her spoon.  She loves watching Greg and keeping tabs on him. And of course, everything is more funny, interesting and better when Dad does it. 

Sofia is so smart, alert and oh, so curious. She is always exploring and checking things out and doing whatever it takes to get there. Sofia rolls, jumps in johnny jump up, scoots, and the past few days has been getting up on all fours and rocking back and forth which I hear is a precursor to crawling.  Heaven help us.  All along our families have teased that because Sofia is so big and already so mobile that she will be walking by Christmas and I thought that there was no way but now I am starting to believe them and kind of hope that doesn't happen. Slow down Sofia!

Sofia is wearing 9 and 12 month clothing and an occasional 12-18 months.  She is also now sleeping in her crib in her bedroom which was a big thing for us. We had a hard time separating.  She goes to bed around 8:30 or 9pm and sleeps until 8 or 9am with a morning snack around 4 or 5am

Sofia loves..
Johnny Jump Up
Crinkle noise toys, such as her ABC book or even her wipes packaging
Chewing on people's hands
Warm pools
Her cell phone, mom's cell phone and mom's ipad.
Bath time & her rubber ducky
Going for a walk in her stroller
Recently has enjoyed posing for the camera
Watching Mom eat 
Watching Dad do anything
Being carried around on mom's hip while meticulously watching everything mom does. 
Squealing and screaming nonsensical babbles

Right now Sofia's schedule has been really nice. I was nervous that when we visited the west coast that it would throw off Sofia's schedule but it actually helped us get into a better schedule.  Sofia now goes to bed between 8 and 8:30 (previously 10pm).  She wakes up around 5 am for a snack and then will go back to sleep until 8 or 9am with two more naps in the day.  She is a happy baby and only cries or fusses if she is tired or hungry, which is fine. I can fix both of those things.  We did sleep training at four months and after two nights of crying it out, it worked beautifully. I can now put Sofia down for a nap or bedtime and she quietly drifts off without a peep. Music to my ears. 

While we were visiting Colorado, Sofia got to meet her cousin Jayden. They became fast friends and we enjoyed watching them play and seeing their different personalities.  Sofia also has a new friend named Reese who is probably her motivation for crawling. We might need to not hang out as much with Reese.... ;)

We also visited Washington and went to PL. A fun time was had by all and we were sad to leave. Our trip to WA and CO included Sofia meeting many of her Aunts and Uncles for the first time and I think they were sad to see her go also
Hanging out with Grandpa Casper

Soaking up the sun

Pearl Street, Boulder, CO

And now I present, Sofia.

Playing with her cell phone