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April & May Update

Thanks to my sister-in-law, Holly, for pressuring me to post on my blog. Ha!
In February we won a couples photo session with my friend Kandice Stewart, with Kandice Stewart Photo ( ) and in April we went out and snapped some pics. So here are a few. She did an AWESOME job and was so fun to work with.  Greg and I had engagements done this last September with a known photography company from Salt Lake, and I WISH I would have known about Kandice and gone with her.  The pictures she took of us were so much more quality, they were USABLE (I have many I would actually hang in our apartment), the coloring is so much more rich and pretty (some of the posted pictures are in a "honey" filter and aren't as bright as original but thats my style), and I've seen her prices- super affordable.  So hats off to you Kandice and THANK YOU for taking our pictures. :) 

Since March, I don't feel as though a lot has gone on, but when I take the time to think about it, I realize we have reached a few milestones.  I finished winter semester and Greg was able to quit his job and now we are both going to school during Spring semester at BYUI (April 17-July 20). After this semester we each will only have one more semester and then WE ARE DONE! Well.. I'm done at least. :)
Which leads me to the next topic- Greg finally took the GMAT, and did ... good enough! He might retake it for his own pride, but it looks as though we have a chance to get into some top 10 schools for his MHA, and maybe even a top 2 school. Keep your fingers crossed, however he doesn't apply until this November, so it's a long wait to see where we'll end up and if his score will be enough to get us where we want to go.  All in all, I am so proud of him and for all his hard work and effort! He has been studying religiously for the GMAT since february so it'll be nice to have my husband back. 

In April we were able to go to Colorado for about a week and visit Greg's family. We had a lot of fun riding bikes, playing basketball, soccer, and even went to a Colorado Rockies game which was my first professional game- EVER!. We had an enjoyable time and look forward to returning in August. 
Over Memorial Day weekend I went with my sisters, Brittney and Brianna, back home to Washington. We got to watch my little brother's state track meet and spend time with each other.  I had never gone on a road trip with just the sisters and it was pretty fun. Lots of good memories.
This last weekend Greg took his GMAT and in preparation we went to Pocatello(ISU) and spent the night in a rinkadink hotel the night before so he wouldn't stress about getting there on time. I slept terribly but luckily test boy felt he got a good nights sleep.  From there we went to Utah and visited some of Greg's mission buddies and were able to visit his grandpa and his mom, dad, and sister for a day. When you've been in Rexburg so long sometimes it's nice to get away for a weekend and it's especially nice if you get to see family!

Yesterday I registered for my last semester of classes and it was in NO way bitter sweet. I am so ready to move on to the next chapter of our lives and I know I shouldn't be anxious to wish this time away, but I look forward to not being a student, not living in an apartment building, and just having room to do my own thing, and overall just to have some money and not have to be skimping and saving or going without things. We've been looking at schools for Greg to go get his MHA(Masters in Healthcare Administration), and it's so exciting to think we could live in so many cool places, and then having to remember that looking at possible living arrangements and cities is just for fun because we don't know where we'll be going!  

To sum up this update, things are going well. Married life has been awesome, absolutely no let downs. People always ask me how married life is, and I have to tell them that it is exactly what I expected, granted I think we're still in the newly wed category so maybe a few more months and I'll feel differently ;). I'm just so glad that we dated as long as we did, we could've gone without as many bumps, but it's definitely prepared us for where we are now. He's so funny with all the pranks he plays on me. He's literally trying something everyday and he usually gets me at least twice a day with old tricks.  That rascal. I love him.


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